Do 3 Minutes of This Kundalini Yoga Exercise Every Day For Better Sex

Sat Kriya is a powerful Kundalini kriya known to work on all levels of your being. Sat Kriya is so effective because it balances the energies of the lower chakras by stimulating your navel point, or third chakra, which puts your first and second chakras into alignment. When the navel point, your nuclear power, is balanced and stimulated, your confidence can resurrect. It grounds you, allowing for better digestion and elimination, and helps you transcend fears.

The main impact of this kriya is to tone the nervous system, to calm emotions, and to channel creative and sexual energies of the body. Because you're pulling together in unison your lower chakras, which are associated with your fundamental emotions and needs, the effects are multiplied. Your entire reproductive system is strengthened as you transmute sexual energy into creative energy. It relaxes phobias about sexuality and controls sexual impulsivity. Sat Kriya is an excellent practice for those who are anxious, fearful, or severely insecure.

This kriya also powerfully strengthens your voice and is a powerful thyroid-strengthening ritual. My teacher assigned Sat Kriya to me as part of my own daily healing practice, and I've heard time and time again how my voice has radically changed since I began! I now speak with more confidence and clarity than I had ever previously. My speech is direct, unwavering, and secure.

How to practice Sat Kriya

  1. Sit on your heels with your knees together.
  2. Stretch your arms over your head with elbows straight, until your arms hug the sides of your head.
  3. Interlace all of your fingers except your index fingers. Men cross the right thumb over the left. Women cross the left thumb over the right. Stay firmly seated on your heels and keep your spine straight throughout the kriya.
  4. Begin to chant "Sat Naam" with a constant rhythm of about eight times per 10 seconds. As you pull your navel in and up toward your spine, chant "Sat" from your navel point. As you relax your belly, chant "Naam." Keep your eyes closed and focus at the third-eye point in between your eyebrows.
  5. Continue for 3 to 31 minutes.
  6. To end, inhale and gently squeeze your muscles from your buttocks all the way up along your spine. Hold it briefly as you concentrate on the area just above the top of your head. Exhale completely. Repeat 2 more times. Relax. You should lie on your back in savasana for the same amount of time you chanted Sat Kriya.

If you are just beginning this daily practice, begin Sat Kriya for just 3 minutes and build up to 11 and 31 minutes gradually. If you have ankle problems, the same actions can be practiced in a cross-legged position. Pregnant women or women on the first three days of their cycle should not practice pulling in the navel point but can still sit in position and chant.

Make this practice even more potent by inserting a jade egg and learn even more powerful aphrodisiac rituals for better confidence in bed here.

"Sat Kriya is to purify your being. Disease, ailment, weakness, impotency, laziness and negativity—all improper things will leave you," said Yogi Bhajan.

May you enjoy the treasures of this essential Kundalini practice!


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Do 3 Minutes of This Kundalini Yoga Exercise Every Day For Better Sex


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