The Massage I Never Wanted Triggered The Best Orgasm I’ve Had In A While

Happy endings can be a surprise.

My very first professional massage was in Las Vegas at a fancy hotel where you wear white robes and drink cucumber water. Actually, this was a couples massage where I went with my husband.

The experience was a decent one for me. Nothing out of this world.

A couple of years have passed since that massage, including a full year of masking wearing and people not being allowed to touch other people.

So when my husband recently wanted to find a place in our local city to get a couples massage again, I was pretty skeptical that we would find somewhere.

Surprisingly, my husband did find a place. A local massage parlor I had never heard of before and that was substantially cheaper than the massage in Vegas.

I was immediately suspicious because of the low cost.

Was this going to be one of those sleazy, ‘happy endings’ type of massage parlors?

Not only that, but did they have Covid procedures? Did I have to take my clothes off? Would they wear gloves? How would it be?

I had so many questions. I was totally stressing out about the thing that was supposed to relax me.

This flurry of worrying is a standard operating procedure for me which is probably my husband wanted to take me to get a massage in the first place.

So, one sunny morning we went off to get our couples massage.

We walked in and everything was very professional. The room was clean and attractive, with two beds for each of us.

I stripped down to my underwear, climbed under the blanket on the bed, and the massage began right away — no muss — no fuss. My husband had a male masseuse and I had a female.

Wow. Best. Massage. Ever.

This woman’s hands were amazing!

I came out of the massage with my entire body tingling. My neck was finally loose and it felt as though a weight had been lifted.

Both my husband and I were astonished by how great we felt and we realized just how tense our bodies had been from stress. The last year had been incredibly taxing on both of us in different ways.

The last time I received a massage, I don’t think my anxiety levels were anywhere near as high as they had become in the last year. This massage was an eye-opening experience.

After a year of not even being able to stand close to other people out in public, having a stranger rejuvenate my nerves and muscles through touch for an hour was better than anything else I’ve experienced in a long time.

The power of human touch is truly phenomenal and it was almost as if we had discovered it again for the very first time.

And then — something else happened.

My husband and I went home and had sex — during the day! We had a small window while the kids were still at school and we were both feeling so relaxed and sensual that we totally went for it.

The sex felt really good — like better than it has in a while — and the orgasms we had were delicious. That’s the only way to describe it, really.

A massage followed by intensely gratifying sex felt like I’d died and gone to heaven.

Our bodies were so tight with stress every single day that we didn’t even realize how bad it was. It’s alarmingly significant what stress can do to a person’s physical self and how it can also impact your relationships and sex life.

One hour with a stranger with magic fingers working through all that pent-up energy from all the days, weeks, and months spent agonizing, worrying, and, quite frankly, feeling a bit depressed, really made all the difference in the world.

Apparently, all the blood flowing and circulating through my body from the massage made my orgasm all that more intense. That orgasm was definitely the icing on the cake.

And I’ll definitely be going again soon for another massage.


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The Massage I Never Wanted Triggered The Best Orgasm I’ve Had In A While


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